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Forms of collaboration


Forms of collaboration are means to an end

Contractual constellation and the types of intervention as well as the methods used will be designed depending on your goal and are subordinate to it.


Therefore, freelance work as well as an employed manager - interim or even perm - come into question.


And whether consulting, project management, interim management or coaching is the means of choice, is determined only by how effectively these forms of cooperation contribute to your goal.

Advising and consulting

Incorporating industry, technical and methodological knowledge (advice) into concrete questions and goal pursuits. Developing concepts and solving problems, implementing concepts (consulting). For more information, see project management and interim management

Project management

Classic project management with or without PMO services. Project management + professional and disciplinary management are also possible. See interim-management.

(interim) Management

Taking on professional and disciplinary leadership for a project as well as management positions to bridge recruitment processes. 


The focus for the coach is on the process, the dialogue as such. The coaching client is responsible for the content. Working together at eye level, individual and unique solutions are created.

Intervention Types

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