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Change Management Services

Projects on budget and on time, changes implemented together, buy-in of your people

Organisational Change Services

Challenger, companion, sparring partner

Executive and executive coaching, sparring partner

Form: Coaching, co-coaching, co-creation

Accompanying change initiatives

Organisational change in teams, departments, divisions, entire company

Form: Project management, moderation, coaching

Introduction of remote working methods, New Work

Introduction of new ways of working: remote, asynchronous collaboration in distributed teams, introduction and further development of self-organisation (holacracy)

Form: Consulting, project management

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Unleashed potential, high level of identification, pulling together and achieving goals

Systemic Leadership Services


Especially in multi-level hierarchies, distributed teams: leadership through structures and systems

Form: Consulting, coaching


Developing the vision, applying the
7-S method. Specification of all company aspects

Form: Consulting, moderation


Implementation of the vision across all areas of the company. Alignment of the overall organisation: vision, business model canvas, product, processes, leadership

Form: Consulting, moderation

Change Management in numbers


coaching sessions


leaders and executives





Examples of change management projects

  • Accompaniment of conflict resolution within the board of an international hotel group through value analysis based on the Reiss profile and subsequent group dynamic processes

  • Personality audits of senior managers on the way to senior executive (partner) as part of the "Path to Senior Executive" program of one of the major international consulting firms 

  • Accompanying the executives of a digital start-up of a leading media group in setting up their business model and overcoming the tension between group membership <> start-up"

  • As an appointed external auditor, conducting project manager audits for quality assurance of priority 1 board projects of a market-leading DAX company

  • Enabling strong, predominantly organic company growth on 5 continents from 0 to 760 employees within 6 years, supported, among other things, by developing and establishing a company-wide coaching program:

    • Carrying out the coaching training in Australia, USA and Europe for over 150 executives from 17 countries in intercultural groups of participants

    • Ensuring the global acceptance of the program that affected every single employee through personal and practical teaching of the coaching skills an​d proving the value of coaching

    • Even after the company was sold for CHF 330 million within 6 years of its founding, the institutionalised program continued with the new owner, a service group with over 160,000 employees

  • Conflict resolution within an integrated sales team, consisting of back office and field staff, through individual coaching and team moderation. Thereafter increase in the sales performance in a single-digit million € amount. 

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